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How is ALLO fiber service installed?

The first step to building a gigabit community is constructing the underground infrastructure needed for our fiber-to-the-home service. Ducts are run underground which hold the fiber optic cable and connect to pedestals we install to house the wiring. Installation to your home will be either underground or aerial, usually following the same route as existing telephone or television cabling. ALLO will access front and back yards depending on where your neighborhood power and communications utilities are located.  Next, fiber is run from the pedestal in your neighborhood easement and installed on the side of your house within a fiber interface box. It looks like this:

Fiber Interface Box

When we bring the fiber optic cable into your home, our technicians will try to make use of existing holes (perhaps made by previous providers to pull in their cable). If any drilling is required we’ll speak with you to ensure your approval of the location and necessary construction. Here’s what it looks like when we pull the fiber into your home from the interface box:

Fiber to your home


Throughout the process we will keep you informed and respond to questions while respecting your privacy and property. For an in-depth look at our installation process, read Kami’s Installation Story here.

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  • Updated on July 2, 2019

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