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Calling Features

Calling Features

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  • Do Not Disturb

    This service allows the customer to block their line temporarily to prevent incoming calls. User operation To enable DND, press*78... Read More
  • Conference Calling

    Conference bridge facilities are available at a one-time charge or you can choose unlimited use with a monthly fee. Customers... Read More
  • Find Me Follow Me

    This service provides a way for subscribers to configure additional numbers that will be rung instead of or in addition... Read More
  • Speed Calling

    This service allows one-digit or two-digit codes to be used as shortcuts for selected telephone numbers. The short code defaults... Read More
  • Last Call Return

    This feature allows you to hear the telephone number of the last incoming call by dialing an access code whether... Read More
  • Simultaneous Ring

    This service will ring multiple phone numbers simultaneously maintaining constant accessibility even when you’re away from home or the office.... Read More