What is WiFi Calling?

For Business Phone:  WiFi Calling allows you to copy your office phone on your smart phone, keeping your mobile number private. In-bound callerlD allows you to see who is calling your work phone and you can answer on your mobile device as if you were at your work phone. When making a call with ALLO WiFi calling, out-bound callerlD will show your work number. Incoming calls ring your office phone and mobile phone simultaneously so there ls no need to forward calls or wait at the office for someone to call you. Best of all, your business contacts only need one number to reach you in or out of the office.

For Home Phone: See who is calling your home even when you aren’t there. Never miss the important calls from your doctor or school because you aren’t home. With ALLO WiFi calling you see who is calling your home and answer if you want. Calls ring your home and up to 5 mobile devices simultaneously. Save money by reducing your mobile or roaming minutes as the app uses LTE or WiFi internet.

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  • Updated on July 9, 2019

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