Last Call Return

This feature allows you to hear the telephone number of the last incoming call by dialing an access code whether the call was answered or not.

  • Allows the customer to “prompt” the central office to redial the telephone number of the last incoming call by dialing 1.
  • Provides the telephone number of the last incoming call before the prompt to return the call.

If, after dialing 1 to have the central office connect the customer with the last incoming caller, the customer reaches a busy signal, the Last Call Return service will automatically continue to redial the number for up to 30 minutes.

When the Last Call Return service determines that the last incoming telephone number is no longer busy, the central office will ring the line with a distinctive ring (short, short, long) to let the customer know the call can now be completed.

After receiving the distinctive ring, the customer may:

  1. Ignore the distinctive ring. The central office will attempt to reestablish the call later.
  2. Pick up receiver. The central office will instantly play the call. If the end-user should reach another busy signal:
    • The end-user will receive an announcement advising to reactivate Last Call Return by dialing *69 or 1169 for rotary dial phones.
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  • Updated on July 3, 2019

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