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What is the GigaCenter router?

We want our customers to truly experience the power and speed behind our fiber optic technology which is why we include our GigaCenter router with ALLO service. The GigaCenter gives you two networks, a 2.4Ghz network and 5Ghz network, to provide the fastest speed and widest range per device.

Newer, compatible devices may automatically select the 5Ghz network for wireless speeds as fast as 1 GIG. The 2.4Ghz network provides a greater range of service keeping you consistently connected.

A periodic scan of your wireless environment keeps you surfing strong and fast by automatically selecting the least congested channel. Additionally, scheduled configuration backups help prevent the occasional headache when Junior decides to find out what happens when he pushes the “reset” button. These backups ensure an easy and simple restore of your settings.

Our router is designed to keep up with the evolving world of wireless devices. With gadgets to start your laundry remotely and order the detergent with the press of a button, you’re going to need a router that can keep up. The Gigacenter lets you connect 128 devices (64 per network). You read that right, one hundred twenty-eight devices. Have we mentioned the future? We’re all about it.

And finally, taking a moment to flex our tech muscles here, we really like to brag about the GigaCenter’s radios, they operate at the maximum conductive emissions allowed by the FCC (translation: they provide the strongest Wi-Fi signal allowed by the government). We talk a big technology game and then we back it up with fiber optics and our GigaCenter router.

Customers are welcome to use their own router or network equipment, just be aware, our team is unable to support non-ALLO equipment.

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  • Updated on December 10, 2019

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