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Adding a Wi-Fi Extender

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Do you think you might be a good candidate for a Wi-Fi Extender? The ALLO Wi-Fi Extender is a great option for:

  • Larger homes with signal loss issues in specific areas
  • Older homes with construction barriers such as concrete or lath and plaster
  • Customers experiencing TV quality issues on specific set-top-boxes where normal troubleshooting hasn’t been successful

If you’d like to add an Extender to your service, here’s how it works:

  • Submit a ticket to our support team using the button below
  • Tell us why you’re interested in the Extender, the more detail, the better
  • We’ll get in touch and schedule a technician to survey the issue and environment (no charge)
  • Depending on your ALLO service package, there may be a charge associated with the Wi-Fi Extender
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  • Updated on July 2, 2019

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