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ALLOIQ Settings

A world of customizations is available to you under the “Settings” menu of ALLOIQ.

Account Name:

  • This will allow you to update the name shown on your app and the login password.


  • Select your preferred language for the app.


  • If you’d like notifications from the app, leave this in the ‘ON’ position. If not, simply turn it off.

Set Passcode:

  • You can set a PIN in lieu of an app login password.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Provides the terms and conditions you acknowledge by using the app.

Privacy Policy:

  • Provides the Privacy Policy of the app.


  • Provides a brief summary of what you can do with ALLOIQ.
  • Your App Version will show on this screen


  • Provides the ability to log out of ALLOIQ.

Remove Account:

  • Do not select this option unless directed by the ALLO team.


Click here for more information on the ALLOIQ app.


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  • Updated on February 14, 2024

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