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Device Details in ALLOIQ

ALLOIQ allows you to manage all your devices under Device Details.

  • The device details screen will show the device name at the top of the screen followed by a chart that indicates the amount of data that was used by the device over a period of time.
  • By selecting the Edit icon on the right side, you can rename this specific device.
  • You can also change the category for this device by selecting the drop-down button found within “Additional Details”.
  • Data Usage shows data used by this specific device.
  • The bottom box shows additional connection details for this device.
  • Simply turn on/off Wi-Fi for this device by pressing the on/off button.

  • Network Priority is available with ExperienceIQ and allows you to prioritize traffic and devices on your network.


    • Note:  This feature is only available with our newest ALLO Blast router. Get upgraded to our latest router by giving our team a call at 866-481-2556.

Click here for more information on the ALLOIQ app.

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  • Updated on February 14, 2024
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